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fog coming in blood

Fog Coming in on the tide!

I'll see the sight of your blood!

a pirate map

He's not such an honorable man. He's a pirate!

Here's the map to buried treasure.

Calico Annie empty

It's me, Calico Annie!!

A Sea chest!
It's empty!!!

treasure map they got it

A map to the island where
Flint's treasure is burried!!!

So... they got the map.

dead flint hispanola

I thought Captain Flint was dead.

The Hispanola be a strong ship alright.

booty dance ashore

Shake your Booty

When can we go ashore?

Take em below hiding

Take 'em below and keep 'em quiet

I was hiding behind the barrel and
I heard everything!! They're pirates!!!

come with usl hula

I need you to come to the island with us.

Boom shaga laga laga.

red Buffalo

Watch out for the color red.

I'll make sure you get a share of the treasure.

Arghh Belle Gunn


Belle Gunn I am!!!

o'er the bounding main kitchen

Sailing o'er the bounding main.

The lad's nowhere to be found.

spyglass hill not alive

Spyglass Hill by north east.

We're gonna divide your share amongst us,
since you ain't gonna be alive!!!

flints treasure booty redux

Shiver me timbers!!! It's Flint's treasure!!!.

Shake your Booty redux.



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