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beckons empty house

Sometimes I get the feeling the house beckons to me.

Except for a brief period of a few months,
the house has been untenanted for some time.

Mimosa disturbances

You have mimosa on that handkerchief.

They "experienced" disturbances here.

Whiskey Carmel

Whiskey. He don't like this house, Miss Pamela.
Cats are very perceptive.

Yes, a hideous caricature. But the two women in
this painting are the same person.
It's an unmerciful study in decay.

Death Ghosts

You never told me Carmel died in this house.

This place is an open invitation to ghosts.

Lizzie play

There's enough that goes on in this
house without inviting more, fooling
with things we ought to leave alone.

When a literary critic decides to
write a play he temps the fates.

Who's the ghost The Artist's Model

First you'd have to discover who the ghost is.

It's called "The Artist's Model".
Caused something of a stir when it
first appeared fifteen years ago.

Death's Head cross and tiresome

I saw a death's head. I suddenly looked
old. Ghastly. Stark old age.

Miss Holloway says I was cross and
tiresome and never pretty at all.

spirits Tarot Cards

I don't know what chance we stand against spirits.

If you ask me, she's to blame for what
happened. Tarot cards. Ha!

Malignant Presence a long rest

Dr. Scott told me about your dash from the
house, your exhaustion. I understand some
malignant presence was seen.

A long rest is what you need, Stella.

away Obvious

You force me to send Stella away

I should think that was fairly obvious. Carmel's
infatuation and Llewellyn's dubious charm.

Not Mary Keen as mustard

I trust I have made you both realize that if some
troublesome spirit haunts Cliff End, it is not
Mary's. I'll show myself out.

You may be keen as mustard for this seance, but
don't try to drag in Lizzie Flynn.

Seance Nina Mia

A violent death? "YES."

Nina mia, chica, guapa . . .
Stella, nina mia . . .

perfume Stella's mother

She wanted you to find the perfume.

Carmel, are you Stella's mother?

sketches storm

I have seen her face in my father's
sketches and I always loved it.

We're in for a storm.

scare crows Ghosts are gone

There is nothing left of you,
Mary, but a story to laugh over-
go and scare crows!

It means, Lizzie, we are staying at
Cliff End, the ghosts are gone, and
I plan to see a great deal of
Stella Meredith.

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