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Cast: seated l-r Rose Gage, Jaclyn Morrison, Lynn Boucher
standing l-r Bobby Hunt, Joni Metras, Eric Hart, Jeanne Kosakowski, Dawn George, Joshua Moore, Jared Carlson, Don Konopacki, Josh Evans, Jeremy Woloski, Michael Anthony

October 31, November 1, 2, 7, 8 & 9

Out of Order photos T&G Review

Out of Order Cast

Rhoda Penmark

Jaclyn Morrison

Col. Kenneth Penmark

Josh Evans

Christine Penmark

Rose Gage

Monica Breedlove

Lynn Boucher

Emory Wages

Michael Anthony


Jared Carlson

Miss Fern

Jeanne Kosakowski

Reginald Tasker

Jeremy Woloski

Radio Announcer

Eric Hart

Mrs. Daigle

Joni Metras

Mr. Daigle

Bobby Hunt


Jeremy Woloski

Richard Bravo

Joshua Moore

Out of Order Crew


Don Konopacki


Don Konopacki

Technical Director

Eric Hart

Production Consultant

Carole Hayes

Set Design & Construction

Don Konopacki

Set Dressing/ Properties

Dawn George

Jeanne Kosokowski

Rose Gagee

Costume Consultant

Polly Traina

Lighting and Sound Design

Eric Hart

Lighting and Sound Operator

Eric Hart

Stage Hand

Dawn George


Dawn George

Backdrop Painting

Pierre Theriault

Program and Graphic Design

Don Konopacki

Victoria Konopacki


Victoria Konopacki

Au Clair de la Lune arranged for piano by Don Konopacki


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