Theater Links

AACT: A national community theater advocacy group

Backstage World: Web site for lighting and audio links.

Baker's Plays: Commercial source for plays.

Blue Room: Forums for backstage issues, UK based

Broadway and Theater History: Link to history of theater on Broadway and in New York.

BPPI: Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. specializing in contemporary American plays.

Community Theater Green Room: A complete community theater resource.

Control Booth: A technical theater forum site based in the US.

Costume Discounters: Costume Resources for Students and Teachers

The Costume Site: A repository of online costuming sources.

Dramatic Publishing: Commercial source for a wide variety of full, one-act and musical plays for children and adults.

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.: Commercial source for plays. Many old favorites can be found here.

Eldridge Plays and Musicals: Source for religious plays and musicals.

Lighting Related WWW sites: A springboard for lighting sites.

Moonstruck Drama Bookstore - plays, cast albums, sheet music, theatre news, and more!

Musical Theater International: Source for many of the most popular musicals.

New England Theatre Conference: A non-profit educational corporation working to "develop, expand and assist theatre activity on the community, education and professional levels."

PellaVision : - Home of the Town Crier for Hire."

Pioneer Drama Service: A full service play-publishing, performance-licensing company.

Rogers and Hammerstein Organization: Source for Rogers and Hammerstein and other musicals.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts: Boston based organization which provides pro bono arts-related legal assistance to artists and art organizations.

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