Patricia Esper

Patricia "Sirena" Esper

Patricia's most recent role was Bea Schmidt in the melodrama Dr. Cook's Garden. Patricia has previously appeared in the roles of Bunny Sutherland in The Hallelujah Girls and as Joy Philpotts in Too Soon For Daisies. She has worked as an actor, director and playwright for many years. She studied theatre at the Boston Repertory Theater and the Metta Theatre in Taos, New Mexico. Most recently she played Mrs. Bradman in Blythe Spirit, Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Rosemary in Picnic, Cora in Dark at the Top of the Stairs, Savage in Savage in Limbo and Carolyn in American Beauty. In the director’s helm she has recently directed Suddenly Last Summer, The Dining Room, Loss of Roses and co-directed twelve Classic American Scenes. She has participated in more than 100 play readings in Sarasota, Florida and Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico. Patricia is a member of the Sarasota Area Playwrighting Society. Several of her plays have won competitions and have been produced in Sarasota, Santa Fe and Taos.

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